My Prediction


Wellcome !

I' ll work until
I' m alive
And everything
I know I have
not learned from books.
Always I know
for other people
themselves and about my self.
still in touch with the
higher powers from Heaven.."


My name is Ljubica Zec. Since I was born I have ability to see what is happening in the future.

My Prediction, Vision,Trance..I can really see the future of one person companies successful , unsuccessful investments ( on the job) future state, countries in the world what happen in the world.

Professionally I do this job more than 35 years many people around the world are contacted me.

I can exactly see to every person future , love, marriage, relationship, health, also exacly organs illnes.

In this way I can check therapy also your medication, method of treatment what is good or what is no good.

 I have ability to see what is happening in the future.
Several of my prediction what are revelation of the earlier 3 years to 2 years a few days of events in the world.

My vision, Trance, Prediction

1) Mars has water being scientifically proven 5 years earlier. Climate change on our planet highly developed civilization from space sheds his waste on our planet they do not like us scientific being evidence.

2] 2 years earlier that Putin will become president of Russia.

3) 2013 years one video in which I saw the war in Europe it felt like a war in Europe, but not with chemical or nuclear weapons.
After 2-3 months they started problems in Ukraine.

4) There was some talk that there will be civil war in Ukraine . I shot my video on You tube
immediately and said it would not and so it was

5) My prediction by Divisions Ukraine video I shot a few months earlier that would be part of Ukraine within the feld of Poland.

6) That Krim becomes part of Russia.

7) That Russia is not going to real serious war with Ukraine

8) 10.08.2015 years I recorded a video and I publicly that on You tube and I said as Turkey will spread to the north and south also the territory of Europe trough the war.

After two month Turkey shot down a Russian plane and to this day 20.032016 years relations are soured.

Nobody in the world has announced before of although millions who present themselves as  Medium, Psychic- Clairvoyant.

All of them say's about W W 3 begin on 2012/2013 and they still prediction but I have redy recorded my video in 12th of december 2013 and I said W W 3 the third war not start this year and not in the next year.

9) My vision is: W W 3 third war in the world be starts in 2030 years.

This is just one of mine exact vision many other copies informations/ videos on You tube what will happen in the world.

Of course I can see what will happen to every country in the world in the future.

All kind of health problems.

If you intrested to know something about your future you can send your letter on my home address also contact text message.

Contact directly with me and with an translator.

To make appoitment.

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